A gift... Johnny Viewpoint 22 years later

Not like anybody, except for Jason, is paying attention, but this past weekend marks 22 years after my very first band, Bermans & Arrival recorded its debut album. We spent seven days in the recording studio. This was a time when musicians recorded music to giant rolls of tape and you did everything live. Here's Johnny Viewpoint, the opening track from Lilac She Said.

It's sloppy and a mess. The tempo is all over the place. The warts are obvious. But it captures the youthful exuberance of friendship; the musical snapshot of four friends learning how to write music together. I cut my teeth playing music with Jason, Dan and Matt and have always considered them brothers. We'd go on to write better songs and become better musicians. Some of us, I'm looking at you Dan, would tour the world in a band.

22 years later, I'm still proud of this album.