The best part of vacation...

The best part of a longish vacation is returning home. I love eating eating out, but after 11 days of not having a home cooked meal, all I want to do is cook and make a cocktail. While away I ate a lot of fish tacos and drank maybe a Mai Tai or two or three or ten. That's why the first thing I did when I got home was make soup. Comfort food. I went simple, with tomato and fennel soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. The secret ingredient to the soup? Pernod. I know, an anise/licorice liquor in soup? It works to perfection. Recipe from NY Times.

Grilled cheese with tomato and fennel soup

And to wash it all down? My go to cocktail, an old fashioned. While I usually go with a lower proof bourbon, like Buffalo Trace, tonight I went with Russell's Reserve Single Barrel. Great stuff and a touch higher in proof.

But don't get me wrong. I love going on vacation. The one thing that a vacation does is that it helps make you appreciate the everyday things you take for granted. Like cooking dinner. And drinking a perfect old fashioned made the way you like it made.